Boat Lifts

Magnum Boat Lifts

We carry a full line of Magnum Boat Lifts manufactured by Boat Lifts Unlimited.  Lifts range in size from your smallest  inflatable up to your 40,000lb luxury.  We customize your lift to fit your vessel and offer options to help make your time, yours.  Service, parts and accessories are also available.  We do service other manufactured lifts.

Magnum Lifts Offer:

Low Profile, Galvanized Construction, stainless steel cables, outside walk plank, guide on PVC stanchions, Stainless steel sheaves.

Each lift offers different Models:

Model Type S

Model Type CBX

Model Type HD

Lift Capacities:

  • 1,500lb
  • 2,800lb
  • 8,000lb
  • 10,000lb
  • 12,500lb
  • 15,000lb
  • 20,000lb
  • 25,000lb
  • 30,000lb
  • 40,000lb

Options: Remote control, auto stop, E-gear upgrade

We buy and sell used lifts.  All makes and models