Boat Lifts

Neptune Boat Lifts
We carry a full line of Neptune Boat Lifts, manufactured in Ft. Lauderdale Fla.  Lifts are all Aluminum and Stainless Steel Construction.
Options: Remote Control, Auto Stop Limit Switch, Aluminum Bunks, Self adjusting cable keepers, Sea Armor Package.
Neptune Lifts up to 30,000lb offer High Speed options G3 and G6
Lift Capacities:

4 Piling | 2 Motor:

  • 4,500lb
  • 7,000lb
  • 10,000lb
  • 13,000lb
  • 16,000lb
  • 20,000lb
  • 24,000lb

8 Piling | 4 Motor:

  • 24,000lb
  • 30,000lb
  • 40,000lb
  • 50,000lb

Options: Remote control, auto stop, E-gear upgrade 

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