Docks are generally constructed with 10″ butt or 8″ top pilings.  Although 8″ top pilings sound smaller than 10″ butt pilings, they are actually larger in diameter consistently throughout the piling.  Larger 12″ butt and Class B pilings are used on the bay front or in areas with deeper water.  Marina and Commercial projects generally consist of the larger piling applications.

  • Docks are constructed of Marine grade treated lumber 1.5 CCA
  • Structural framing Stringers and Wales: 3” x 8” x ?? and 3” x 10” x ??.  Depending on span.
  • Decking:  Treated Marine Lumber, Composite, IPE


  • 5/8” galvanized timber bolts
  • ¾” galvanized timber bolts
  • #10 x 3″ Stainless Steel Screws
  • 60p galvanized nails

Design / Build / Permits services offered

Each pier design and layout is customized to meet the owners needs and also meets with state and local regulations for permitting. 

Past Projects