The pier you design and accessorize is the pier we will construct.  Structural integrity on every build is a must and for the most part it is hidden below deck.  Every job constructed can be unique in its own way, whether it is a community or public access dock to your own private peninsula.  There are many decking options available and thousands of accessories to showcase your own special style.

Wooden Pilings:

Docks are constructed with 10″ butt or 8″ top pilings. 8” top pilings are slightly larger. Class B pilings are available upon request and are much larger than standard pilings used. They can range from 12”-16” in diameter. Mostly used in commercial applications, large boat lifts, community and public docks or areas where the water is frequently rough.

Docks are constructed of Marine grade treated lumber 1.5 CCA

Structural framing Stringers and Wales: 3” x 8” x ?? and 3” x 10” x ??.  Depending on span.


  • 5/8” galvanized timber bolts
  • ¾” galvanized timber bolts
  • #10 x 3” coated decking screws
  • 40p galvanized nails

Decking:  Treated Marine Lumber, Composite, IPE

Design / Build / Permits services offered

Each pier design and layout is customized to meet the owners needs and also meets with state and local regulations for permitting.